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There’s Something About Beets!

Related to spinach and Swiss chard, beets are high in potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and phosphorous, which they soak out of the ground, contributing to their earthy flavor. All forms of the Beet family trace back to the sea beet, a wild coastal plant. Beyond basic red, look for golden and white beets, and Chioggias, a delicately flavored heirloom Italian variety. Chioggias are also called Candy Stripe because they feature rings of white flesh alternating with bands of pink/rose. As with all beets, the leaves are delicious cooked as for any green, and are a nutritional powerhouse.

When cooking, baked is best to hold color, nutrients and to intensify flavor. From salads to soups to sides, beets are versatile and share a fine affinity with citrus, blue cheese, nuts/nut oils, butter, thyme and tarragon. Try a beet tartare appetizer, a multi-colored borscht, red flannel hash, chutney, pickles, or a creamy beet and potato gratin. Any way you slice them, it’s hard to beat beets.

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